Progesterone is a natural human hormone made by the ovaries, Progestin is a synthetic form of this hormone. Progestin mimics the benefits of progesterone. Doctors may prescribe Progestin drug products  for many conditions associated with low progesterone.

Progesterone Helps prevent: Facial hair, Irritability, breast fibrocysts, bulging veins, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, cancer of the ovaries, loss of hair, hot flashes, insomnia, stress, uterine fibroids, water retention, weight gain, and many more.

Using a Natural Progesterone Cream is an easy, effective approach considering the alternatives… birth control pills, etc.

We recommend the two Progesterone Creams bellow.


Emerita – Pro-Gest Original Natural Progesterone Cream Value Size Fragrance-Free – 4 oz.


Natural Radiance Natural Progesterone Bio-Identical Pump Bottle Plus Herbs, Unscented, 8 Ounce








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